How To Save Android Battery Even With Wifi Always Enabled

android wifi settings How To Save Android Battery Even With Wifi Always Enabled

The Android battery powering the huge Super AMOLED display is always the most battered component on any Android phone. However, there are numerous ways to increase battery backup of Android phones, including a few Android apps, but the best way to boost battery backup is by managing the apps and connectivity options properly.

Today, we have a new tip coming directly from Android owners who are promising instant result in getting improved battery backup. The whole idea is based on the background task which comes into play once the cell phone goes into deep sleep. The tip basically allows you to save a lot of Android phone’s battery by keeping the Wifi radio on and connected even when your Android phone is sleeping.

Actually, the cellphone is always searching for the best cell tower available and when using 3G or LTE the radios suck much more power to get the data transferred to and from the handset. On the other hand, the Wifi radios do not require any constant search for the best access point, and this is how you can use it to manage the battery efficiently.

Now, if your Android phone is told to shut off the Wifi when idle, and suddenly you are online to access some important file your phone will immediately switch over to the 3G or 4G to access the internet, and this is the situation when your battery will drain the most.

Now, you can tell your Android phone to keep the Wifi enabled even if you phone is idle or goes to sleep by following the instructions given below.

  1. On your Android phone navigate to the advanced Wifi settings by clicking over the menu button, then Settings-> Wireless & networks-> Wi-Fi settings, and selecting the menu button again. Here, you will find options to either Scan, or go Advanced. Tap over the go Advanced.
  2. Tap over the Wi-Fi sleep policy entry, and the OS will ask you with dialogue as shown in the photo above. Select Never.

Once you have the settings you can receive your important mails and messages via Wifi without switching over to the battery sucking 3G and 4G network. Now, if you are out of Wifi enabled area, then you can quite easily turn off the Wifi through the menu option or by installing a Wifi toggle widget, and turning it back on when inside your Wifi zone.

The trick is bound to show good results when one percent of battery backup matter during a busy job schedule.

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